Using Socialbakers for social media Analytics

Hi, everyone.

This is my week 9 blog. This week’s task is  searching for and explore a range of social media monitoring tools and discuss your experience in a blog post.

Socialbakers launched in 2008 and now claims to be one of the world’s leading social media analytic providers, with clients in over 75 countries worldwide. Their products include Analytic Pro, Builder Pro and Market Insights. We started using Analytic Pro earlier this year and thought we would share our experiences about what it offers and where its value lies.

YouTube Analytics

Socialbakers now monitors YouTube channels for number of video views; subscribers; like/dislike rate and growth; total time viewed; channel engagement rate; view rate; and number of videos.



Packages are priced from $50 to $400 per month, with 14-day free trials available.


Socialbakers provides a powerful, user-friendly and attractive way to track and compare performance, produce reports, and improve engagement on the main social networks.

This is my week 9 blog and please feel free to leave comments.

Thank you~~!


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